Group Warehouse Co., Inc.
Group Warehouses, Inc.
3550 S. Willow Avenue
Fresno, CA 93725

Today, Group Warehouse controls 423,000 square feet of warehouse space to handle all your needs under one roof. Our storage areas include general commodities, food grade, H-3 storage and cold storage. Our warehouse features handling equipment such as paper clamps, carton clamps, push-pull units, carpet poles, forks 18" to 96", barrel clamps, basiloids, seamless floors, air curtains, dock seals and aisles around the perimeter, recessed floors, positive airflow fans and a stand alone flammable and aerosol facility and many more features. Our warehouse is fully equipped with a complete high security and fire protection system. Our staff is highly trained in safety regulations, general operations and warehouse sanitation. Our progressive warehouse system will ensure proper service, storage and distribution of all your warehouse needs.


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